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The Bridal Portrait Experience

There are so many reasons to have a Bridal Portrait Session.


-The wedding day is hectic! There is so much going on. Bridal Portraits give you the piece of mind that if the day is too full or something happens at the last minute that causes a time crunch, your bridal portraits are already done! Even the most planned out weddings can have some sort of glitch. It's just the nature of weddings. The last thing you want is not enough pictures of you just you. 


-Having Bridal Portraits is time to just focus on YOU! There is no rush to get these done on the wedding day because they will have already been done! This can make for a more relaxed bride as well as make room other photographic opportunities on the wedding day. And you will be more relaxed on your wedding day!


-Bridal Portraits are a wonderful way to have a dress rehearsal with not only your dress, but your makeup. You can have your trial hair and makeup done on your portrait day and really get a sense of how everything comes together. By doing this, you can make any necessary changes prior to the wedding. You can also gauge how long it will realistically take for you to get fully ready. 


-Bridal Portraits make for beautiful display pieces! You can have a portrait of your choosing displayed at your wedding for the ultimate decor! 


-You will be more comfortable with the camera on your wedding day if you have had bridal portraits making for even more lovely wedding photos. 


-Bridal Portraits are the ultimate Southern tradition! Bridal Portraits are a staple in the south. They are more than a keepsake but a family tradition.


-They are perfect for destination weddings. Having your wedding in your home town is stressful enough, but if you are planning a destination wedding, you will want everything that can be done before hand, to be done!

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